Week 1:

Week 2:

  • Finish up our discussion of music notation with special emphasis on he joys of deciphering rhythmic notations.
  • Using excerpts from the famous drum method, "Modern Reading Text in 4/4" by Louis Bellson (sounds exciting doesn't it? It is!) practice first clapping the rhythms and then strumming the rhythms with your guitar with a metronome.
  • Introduction to the wild and woolly world of the diatonic modes.


Week 3:

  • Explanation of the Diatonic Modes using two approaches. Relative and Parallel.
  • Assigned the first scale practice sheet (pattern 1 or "E") for the caged system from this packet.

Week 4:

  • Practice the modes and your sight reading at the same time by reading fiddle tunes. My favorite book for this purpose is "The Fiddler's Fakebook". Here is a sample.
  • Introduction to "tetrachords", namely 7th chords and 6th chords. Here is a little handout of some useful shapes. Here's another.

Week 5:

Week 6:

  • See week 5 - continuation of those topics.