This Guy's In Love With You - Herb Alpert

Yes, that's right...Herb Alpert. You know you love him. And if you don't know who he is, well he is the king of 1960's easy listening/lounge/cheese pop. This song, for those of you old enough to remember (not me I'm afraid) was the number one song for four weeks in June of 1968...lest you think the late sixties was all fuzzy guitars and free love. I had to learn this song for a wedding ceremony I played recently. It was a same sex union (two men) and they chose this song to walk down the aisle, which I found a totally perfect and kind of hilarious way to update this song to a modern context. So congratulations Rhett and and Andrew and thanks for increasing my appreciation of Herb Alpert!

This Guy's In Love With You - Herb Alpert


Awake My Soul - Mumford and Sons

This is one of my favorite Mumford songs. My arrangement requires you to play in "Double Drop D" tuning (DADGBD) where you tune your two E strings down a whole step to D. This if course changes some of the chord shapes. Here they are:

D =  0 0 0 2 3 0

G =   5 x 0 0 0 0

G/B = x 2 0 0 0 0

Bm = x 2 0 2 3 0

It also does a cool thing by starting out in 12/8 (4/4 with a triplet to each beat) and then switches to a regular 4/4 eighth note feel for the last third of the song.




Murder in the City - Avett Brothers

This song is one of my favorites by the Avett Brothers, a great folk-ish band of, well, two brothers, from North Carolina. In fact, this might one of my favorite new songs I've learned all year. It uses a simple Travis picking pattern throughout, and features 2 guitars capoed in 2 different positions, which gives it a really nice bell like sound. I have written both keys into the chart. I tend to play the key of C if it is just me. The key of G is if I am playing with another guitarist.

Murder in the City - Avett Brothers - Chart

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Some Nights - Fun

This song is a total party jam. It is impossibly high to sing for the average male so I have written it out in 2 different keys. The album key is C and would be a good fit for most women, or extremely high voiced the singer for Fun.  The transposed key is G for those of us who want to preserve our larynx into old age. There is nothing overly complex going on here in the guitar part. Just wack away and! (ba-doom-ching!)

Some Nights - Album key of C  

Some Nights - Key of G

Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

Summer is finally here! (I hope. Knock on wood...) and in that vein here is a great summer song for you to enjoy.

I have a very vivid memory, circa 1986, of being 15 years old and seeing Bryan Adams play this song in concert in Columbus, Ohio. I am not ashamed to admit that it was a formative rock moment for me. This was before Bryan Adams reinvented himself as a sappy, 1990's movie theme song balladeer. He did then, and still does, know how to bring the rock.  Aside from being one of my favorite singers, he writes outstanding songs. Check out his live acoustic album (!!!) "Bare Bones" from 2010 and become a believer!

I have this song charted in 2 keys because the original key of D is a real screecher for most dudes. The key of A is quite a bit more manageable.

Summer of '69 - Key D (original key)

Summer of '69 - Key A

She Thinks I Still Care - George Jones, 1931 - 2013

George Jones, 1931 - 2013

The music world lost one of it's true great artists, and true characters, this last week. Whether you consider yourself a fan of country music or not (and if you don't...get off your high horse and live a little for cripes sake!), George Jones transcended the genre with a voice that was instantly recognizable, never forgettable, and nearly impossible to imitate. Listen to his vocal phrasing on this song and the way he slides into some notes like he's Frank Sinatra, and then in the next beat, nails another note from straight on like a choir boy. Every time I try to sing along and match his phrasing, I just have to throw up my hands in awe. One of the greatest ever, plain and simple. 

This song is super fun to play and has a wicked sense of humor, like many of the great country songs. Enjoy!

She Thinks I Still Care - chord sheet

Eat Steak - The Reverend Horton Heat

For those of you who are not familiar with "The Rev", as his fans like to call him, you are missing out on one of the most singular and entertaining musical personalities I can think of. One of the originators of the Rockabilly sub-genre known as "Psycho-Billy", this guy is a monster guitar player with the vigor of a punk rocker and the chops of a jazzer. His singing reminds at times of Elvis or George Strait, but mostly he just sounds like the Rev. Much of his music is terribly difficult to play but this song is an easier one that has some great country/rockabilly licks and a wicked sense of humor. It is from his now classic 1991 album "Smoke 'Em if you Got 'Em"

Eat Steak - The Reverend Horton Heat - Songsheet

Calamity Song - The Decmberists

This is a great song from The Decemberists 2011 album "The King Is Dead", one of my favorite albums of 2011 by far. Colin Malloy, the singer and primary song writer said in an interview that this album was conceived as an homage to early REM (they even have REM guitarist Peter Buck playing guitar on several tracks), that being one of his earliest influences. They do an amazing job of converging the REM mojo with their own sound and this track is a perfect example. It also rocks!


Calamity Song - The Decemberists