She Thinks I Still Care - George Jones, 1931 - 2013

George Jones, 1931 - 2013

The music world lost one of it's true great artists, and true characters, this last week. Whether you consider yourself a fan of country music or not (and if you don't...get off your high horse and live a little for cripes sake!), George Jones transcended the genre with a voice that was instantly recognizable, never forgettable, and nearly impossible to imitate. Listen to his vocal phrasing on this song and the way he slides into some notes like he's Frank Sinatra, and then in the next beat, nails another note from straight on like a choir boy. Every time I try to sing along and match his phrasing, I just have to throw up my hands in awe. One of the greatest ever, plain and simple. 

This song is super fun to play and has a wicked sense of humor, like many of the great country songs. Enjoy!

She Thinks I Still Care - chord sheet