Guitar 1

Week 1:

Welcome to Guitar 1!

Songs from the Old Town Songbook that use these two chords:

  • Buffalo Gals
  • Pay Me My Money Down
  • Aunt Rhody
  • My Home's Across the Smokey Mountain

  • Click Here for a handy primer on how to play chords.

Week 2:

  • New Chords:  Em and G
  • Learn how to tune that dang guitar...dag nabbit!

Week 3:

New Chords: C major

New Songs

Week 4:

New Songs :

  • East Virginia (from the Songbook)
  • Careless Love (from the Songbook)
  • Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles (Hooray! Our first Beatles Song!)

Chords for next week: E, A, and A minor

Week 5:

New Songs:

  • Intro to 3/4 time: Drunken Sailor (from the songbook - "shave his belly with a rusty razor" ....yeah baby!)
  • Down in The Valley - (from the songbook)

Week 6:

New Songs:

Chords for next week: E7, G7, D7, B7

Week 7:

Review Week

New Song:

Week 8: