Guitar 2

 Week 1:

Welcome to Guitar 2 handout (a list of what I usually cover in guitar 2, chords, techniques, etc.)

Where Are You Now - Mumford and Sons - welcome to F.

Free - Zac Brown Band (finger picking arpeggio song) 

Week 2: 

Hotel California - The Eagles - Lots o' chords plus a bass run.

Week 3: 

 Trouble - Ray Lamontagne - our first foray into one of my favorite time signatures...6/8.

Week 4: 

Old Town Songbook Week:

House of the Rising Sun - more of the 6/8 time signature but this time with arpeggios...and an F Chord! 

Tell Old Bill - Bm chord!

Week 5: 

The Breakup Song - Greg Kihn Band  - the 80's live!

Introduction to Alternating Bass Strumming (think Johnny Cash) - I Ride and Old Paint from the songbook. 

Here are the formulas:   any D or F chord you pluck 4:5

                                       any A, B, or C chord you pluck 5:6

                                      Any E chord is 6:5

                                      the G chord is 6:4

Week 6: 

Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers - a different spin on fingerstyle

Week 7: 


Week 8: