Strange But True Gig Stories (PG-13 version)

Here are some pf my more memorable gig experiences:

Strangest location I've ever played a concert: A chicken coop in Bermuda.

Strange (in a good way) guest appearance: Having legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Mellissa Etheridge, etc. etc.) play Sweet Home Alabama with my country band. He played the whole song in cowboy boots (not typical drummer footwear I must say). After this once in a lifetime opportunity (for me anyhow) to play with one of my musical heroes, I realized 2 things. 1)There is a reason why Kenny Aronoff is one of the most in demand drummers in the business and 2) I've never heard a guy hit his drums that hard in my life. I'm still buzzing from the experience...and my ears are still ringing too!

Strangest behavior at a wedding I've played: watching one of the groomsmen go to the center of the "Disco Circle", drop his pants, shimmy around the dance floor with his pants around his ankles for several minutes, and eventually rip the seat of his pants wide open. It's just a guess, but I think he may have been drinking.

Strange (in a good way) guest appearance part 2: Having the legendary and world famous jazz drummer Paul Wertico (from the Pat Metheny Group and others) sit in with UWP at a wedding he happened to be a guest at, and during an absolutely amazing drum solo, accidentally fall right off the 
back of the stage (and then jump back up onstage a few seconds later and start playing right where he left off!).

Strangest thing you would be surprised to know I've stumbled upon more than once at gig: a couple forming what is known in Shakespearean lingo as "the beast with two backs".

Most Hostile Crowd I've Ever Played For: Underwater People opening for the Grammy winning rap group The Roots in front of a few thousand very serious and biased hip-hop fans. Needless to say, our pop-rock songs and Paul Simon covers didn't go over very well. The kicker: the Roots showed up for the gig almost 2 hours late, so we had to keep playing! I've never heard booing so loud....

Most Haunted-House-Like experience: Performing under a Gazebo on Algonquin, IL that had several hundred, possibly over a thousand enormous Godzilla sized spiders calling it home. Every few minutes during our 90 minute set, one of these suckers would drop down within inches of our face and start spinning a web or just hang there. The sacrifices we make for our art....